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The tales we tell are just as important as the facts and figures we learn. Stories help us try on different possibilities to see how they fit. They tell us where we came from and how we got here. They tell us what to appreciate, what to avoid, and what aspire to. The best stories pass on yesterday’s truths and take on new meanings for today.”

-Brian Fies, in Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?


This week’s Graphic Medicine podcast is a conversation with the creator of the Eisner Award winning Mom’s Cancer and Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, Brian Fies

Brian was the keynote speaker at the first conference on Graphic Medicine in 2010. For the 2011 conference in Chicago, Brian served on the organizing committee and presented a workshop, which is recounted here. And his publisher, Abrams, generously sponsored our totebags.

For the 2012 conference in Toronto, Brian is again serving on the organizing committee as well as presenting a workshop. He discusses the details and goals of his workshop in this week’s podcast.

Brian’s always smart and entertaining blog, the Fies Files, can be found here.

My 2009 interview with Brian on Sequential Tart can be read in two parts, here and here.