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This week’s Graphic Medicine podcast is actually a Laydeez do Comics podcast! Alex Fitch presents Comic Nurse (that’s me) and Sarah Leavitt at Laydeez in London, recorded on November of 2011.

(above: The Graphic Medicine section of Blackwell’s Wellcome Collection bookshop, London. Tangles by Sarah Leavitt is on the right and two of my books are on the left. The center book, Billy, Me, & You is by Laydeez organizer Nicola Streeten. )

Visuals for the comics I discuss can be found by digging around here. “Taking Turns,” my book in progress, can be found here.

Sarah Leavitt’s website is here, which is where you can purchase copies of her amazing book, Tangles.

On a personal note, I must add that it was an honor to present at Laydeez, particularly to be on the same bill with Sarah Leavitt. Also great thanks to Alex Fitch for making this recording available internationally.