Graphic Medicine Website Update– Design Brief is planning an upgrade and expansion to maintain it as the ‘go-to’ website for information regarding the interaction between comics and medicine. The website, set up in 2007 by Ian Williams, is merging with MK Czerwiec’s ‘Comic Nurse’ subsites which host information on the 2011 Chicago conference and the GraphicMedicine podcasts. Ian and MK have been jointly editing the GraphicMedicine blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts since last summer and will be running the new, upgraded site jointly.

Graphic Medicine is looking for expressions of interest from web designers who subscribe to our cause and would like to redesign and build the new site, transferring information from, the Chicago Conference site, the Podcast site, and incorporating the Graphic Medicine blog

We have a modest budget for this.

The new site would have an impressive and inviting user interface and a ‘back end’ which could be easily maintained by the editors without regular input from the designer. We envisage using WordPress for the platform and experience with using WordPress would be an obvious advantage.

the site would include the following capabilities:

Graphic Medicine Text Resource

  • reviews of existing and new graphic medicine texts would be fully searchable by author, genre, and by medical condition/diagnosis
  • Links to relevant GM hosted podcasts and presentations from the reviews
  • Include lists of relevant texts by medical condition
  • links to UK and US distributors for each text listed (perhaps monetized)

Graphic Medicine Conferences

  • easy, direct access for users to sub-site for the current year’s conference
  • built in templates to use as sub-sites for future conferences that could be easily edited by the local conference teams
  • links to archives of past year’s conferences
  • Comments and discussion capability/forum
Graphic Medicine Podcasts
  • listing of podcast episodes organized by editors (not necessarily date dependent)
  • Comments and discussion capability/ forum
  • ease of uploading new podcasts via Garage Band/publishing on iTunes
Graphic Medicine Blog
  • Comments and discussion capability/ forum
  • Capacity for guest authors

Book Series

  • needs here TBD- a subsite giving information on a future series of books with which we are involved.

Graphic Medicine Merchandise

  • a storefront, possibly through another site such as Etsy or similar. We are a non profit site, so any money raised would go towards maintaining the site.

If this sounds interesting to you, please take a look at the sites listed and email with your proposals, online portfolio and approximate costing for the job.