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New Graphic Medicine Podcast now available: Simon Moreton on Rethinking the Comics Community: Making, Participation, and the (De)Construction of Stigma.

Moreton, the creator and curator of the comics blog Better, Drawn, says of his paper presented at the Graphic Medicine comics forum in Leeds:

Rather than addressing the merits of sequential art as a medium, this paper instead considers how comics communities – understood as networks of makers, readers, experts, amateurs and professionals – can be seen as responsible for the collective constitution of the new forms of artistic expression that are already challenging stigma. This involves seeing a comics community not as a collective of adherents to a specific genre or subculture, but instead as a forum of participation and making, comprising complex personal relationships between online and offline communities, a technology for both individual and collective identities, and through which individuals can assume multiple, simultaneous positions as consumer, producer and critic. I argue that seeing comics in this way – as a community process and not only as a material product – might provide a useful way to better understand how stigma is formed and how it can be challenged.