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“There are people who may think that graphic memoirs about death, disease, and mental health problems… are nothing but depressing affairs. But for me, these memoirs are filled with laughter and hope and paint a much more fully formed picture of what its like to live with illness, better than any poster child can hope to portray. They remind us that even those who are meant to be unemotional, unbiased, and strong, such as doctors, are just as vulnerable and flawed as the rest of us. They (graphic memoirs) have the capacity to make the alien and unknown into something relatable, beyond the confines of the poster child syndrome.” -Andrew Godfrey

A new talk from the Graphic Medicine day of Comics Forum in Leeds is up: Andrew Godfrey discusses “Breaking down the poster child syndrome: Autobiographical comics about life with cystic fibrosis. Subscribe in the iTunes store or here.